This Health, Safety and Environmental Plan has been prepared to provide guidelines and procedures for Elcon to use for their Construction Project. It shall also apply to all of our workers working on Construction Project. The main aims of the EH &S Policy are to provide information so that supervisors and workers can identify potential hazards and establish precautionary measures so that injuries, damage and incidents are avoided.

The Environmental Health & Safety Policy shall be reviewed, amended and updated as circumstances may dictate.


The contents of the EH & S Policy are directed to Elcon and their sub- contractors who are involved with Construction Project.



Any undesired event or condition that results or could have resulted in harm to people, damage to property or the environment or loss.


A danger, usually in the form of an unsafe behavior or condition which could lead to an incident or accident


An unplanned, undesired event or condition that results in harm to people or damage to plant / equipment.

Safety Inspection

Physical condition inspection of the work place by local Safety and Project personnel.

Safety Review

A formal recorded management evaluation of the effectiveness of the construction Health & Safety management system and identification of actions for continuous improvement.

Unsafe Practice or Condition

Deviation from an accepted best practice or condition. This practice or condition has potential to cause accident.


The EH & S Management System of ELCON shall be applied during all phases of this Project and will be in full compliance with the Owner’s Health, Safety and Environment Specifications.

ELCON will apply their in-house EH & S Management Systems, described herein. As a Contractor having an excellent health, safety and environmental record, we treasure this reputation and we will manage a project-specific EH & S Plan to the highest standards in order to:

• Protect the health of our workforce and other personnel
• Maintain and improve safety performance.
• Protect our environment during all phases of the Project

Health, safety and environmental protection have a high profile in our entrepreneurial business activities. Consequently the Board of Directors supports all measures to maintain the health and safety of our workforce.

We believe that personal harm, injury and damage are avoidable through effective planning of work, implementing risk-based control measures and monitoring performance.

This is achievable through:

•careful selection of our workforce and ensuring that they have the required skills.
•providing employees with appropriate classroom and on-the job training.
•delegating responsibility and authority for health, safety and the environment to line management;
•holding line management accountable for performance in respect of the total job.
•full attention, without compromise, to the issue and use of personal protective equipment.
•being a good, personal example at all times.

Our commitment will be further demonstrated by:
• Attendance and participation in EH & S meetings • Conformance with the EH & S rules. • Regular Corporate EH & S audits • Observance of the Owner’s EH & S Specifications and relevant national legislation.

EH & Safety Policy Elcon Infrastructure

• Weekly EH & S tours by senior project management
• Provision of competent and experienced EH & S supervision for the Project as required in the Project EH & S specification.

To promote work safety and good health is one of the predominant tasks of each Manager. Success in this respect is an indispensable proof of qualification. However, it is only through the full co-operation of all personnel at the worksite including the Owner’s / Employees that this Safety Plan can be a success..

From "The Funny Side of Physic" by A. D. Crabtre


ELCON is a professionally managed company engaged in Engineering, Procurement, Interior fit outs and Construction services. The ELCON management recognizes Health, Safety and Environment as among the highest goals and objectives.

The Management is fully committed to:

• Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements connected with Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental matters, including customer specific requirements.
• Practice Pollution Prevention methods, wherever feasible and work towards prevention of injury and ill health in construction activities.
• Create awareness on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment by team work, training and meaningful communication of the EH & S policy to employees, persons working on behalf of the organization and relevant interested parties.
• Achieve customer satisfaction through planned objectives & targets and continual improvement in EH & S performance.


Company – wide objectives and targets are

a) Power consumption reduction, 2 % every year or 6 % in 3 years
b) Water Consumption reduction, 2% every year or 6 % in 3 years
c) Frequency Rate reduction by 5% every year
d) Ensure PPE usage in the identified work zone areas.
e) Achieve safety training coverage to 20% of total manpower .

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